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Get a list of 50 verified candidate profiles for your role for just $299, overnight.

Boost your recruitment reach, speed and efficiency with the support of our sourcing experts, data science and technology.

Mapping. Pipelining. Research. Sourcing.

Whatever you call it, finding the right candidate is all about knowing what tools to use and how you use them.

How much time are you spending trawling the web looking for your ideal candidate? Hours? Days? Some might say weeks! If you’re lucky enough to find them, do you have their contact details to be able to engage them? The whole candidate sourcing process can be overwhelming.

Candidate.Express will deliver lists of ideal candidates for any role into your inbox 7 days a week. To make sure you get the best candidates possible we’ll provide a free sample list to get your feedback. And you won’t pay anything until you’ve given us the thumbs up.

Candidate Sourcing in 3 Simple Steps

We identify and deliver customized lists of passive candidate profiles that fit your specific needs
1. Profile
Tell us the ideal skills, background, location and experience you’re looking for.
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2. Calibration
We share 10 profiles to get your feedback and calibrate the search. You give us a simple thumbs up or thumbs down.
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3. Sourced List
We deliver the full list of ideal profiles with verified contact details. You get on with what you do best.
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Trusted by

I have just recruited for a highly specialist position using Candidate.Express. The team understood my profile needs and sent though a long list, tailored to my criteria. Highly recommended for anyone who is short on time and looking for a cost effective solution.
Ann Kalpage
Ann Kalpage

Talent Acquisition Manager

PepsiCo Australia & New Zealand

I have used Candidate.Express for five critical searches. The profiles I received were totally in sync with what both my clients and I were looking for! It is the only method I use now for gathering candidate data and profiles.
Andrea Wasser
Andrea Wasser

Global Talent Acquisition Specialist

One World Executive Search & Consulting Group

We use Candidate.Express for complex requirements when we simply do not have the time to search a wider audience. I have no hesitation is recommending Candidate.Express and they continue to be part of my recruitment strategy
Michelle Peagham
Michelle Peagham



At a startup, I often have to do recruiting on a budget. Sourcing candidates can take days or weeks if you do it yourself, but with Candidate.Express, I can spend my limited time on outreach rather than candidate identification. I can hire in weeks instead of months!
Jenn Steele
Jenn Steele

VP of Product Marketing


We regularly use Candidate.Express to get an alternative view of the candidate market. This is very valuable and the research quality is perfect alongside our own experienced internal researchers.
Raphael Ineichen
Raphael Ineichen



Candidate.Express is a really smart, cost effective, proactive way to identify and quickly tap into a qualified pool of talent.
Tamara Hatton-Ward
Tamara Hatton-Ward

Independent Recruiter

As a professional recruiter, I'm only as good as the last placement I make and the value I can add to my clients' businesses. Being able to source and place a top quality candidate in half the time that my competitors take has made a huge difference to my business thanks to Candidate.Express.
Bernadette Eichner
Bernadette Eichner

Founding RecruitLoop Recruiter

I have saved a lot of time by using Candidate.Express. I am provided a list of potential candidates that I can contact right away. It has saved me hours of sourcing and searching for candidates which is a huge time saver!
Anne Downing
Anne Downing

Senior Recruiter / Talent Acquisition Consultant

Any company, recruitment firm, or independent consultant can benefit from utilizing Candidate.Express during hiring peaks, a shortage of internal recruitment resources, or to simply build pipelines for future headcount.
Charlie McClaskie
Charlie McClaskie

Independent Recruiter

Candidate.Express is a terrific solution for marketing mapping, talent identification and for approaching passive candidates. The solution is designed to fully understand your search criteria and produces a list of targeted profiles, ready for you to begin your outreach program.
Daniel O’Donnell
Daniel O’Donnell

Professional Sales, Technical & Executive Recruiter

How We Do It

Sourcing Experts
Our sourcing experts are internationally trained and experienced in industry leading research methods. The art and science of candidate sourcing is what they know best.
Leading Tools & Technology
We use 27 different tools and state-of-the-art sourcing technologies to get the best results for you. We aggregate the best tools so you don’t have to.

More Stuff We Do

Email The Candidates For You
We’re experts in contacting candidates. We’ve designed our own powerful engine for sending hundreds of email sequences that deliver results: candidates who actually want to talk to you.
Phone The Candidates For You
We’ll pick up the phone and find out if a candidate is interested in your job. We’ll even ask a few screening questions if you want us to.

Flexible, affordable pricing options

Pay per project
Starting at $299 per 50 passive profiles, with heavy volume discounts for sourcing bundles.
Contact us for custom packages depending on your anticipated sourcing volume.
Candidate Outreach
Customised candidate outreach based on the requirements of your specific role(s).

Common Questions

What is a passive candidate profile?

Every sourced profile is a passive candidate. We have not contacted them, or introduced them to your company or position. They don't even know they're being included on a list!

We don’t know if they are looking for a new role, but they will fit your target profile. It’s up to you to contact and engage them in your opportunity. If you don’t have the capacity to manage this outreach, you can engage one of the professional recruiters in our network to do it on your behalf.

How do you find these passive candidates?

We use a mix of human expertise, technology and proprietary data. Our team is armed with over 20 different tools, databases, and aggregators. Bottom line – if someone has an online presence, we can find them for you.

This is time-consuming work that we accelerate with technology and data. Could you do it yourself? Probably – but it would take literally hours of effort to get the same level of data richness and quality. We promise richer data, faster than you could do it yourself, at a cost that should make it well worth your time.

What exactly do I get?

We provide a curated list of 50 passive candidate profiles. Each profile includes full name, current geographic location, current company, current job title, and LinkedIn profile. We almost always find an email address, and other social media profiles. Sometimes even a phone number.

Can I import the profiles into my ATS?

Yes! We deliver the profile lists in a simple online dashboard. You can export the list to CSV with a single click, then upload into to your ATS, CRM, or email marketing program. If you don’t have any of these, no problem! It’s your data to use in any way.

What if the 10 free profiles don't match my target?

The purpose of the calibration is to calibrate! We need your feedback, and don't anticipate being perfect upfront. It’s an iterative process – the profiles you reject can be just as helpful as those you approve.

If our calibration is way off track, we're happy to ‘recalibrate’ at no charge to you. You won’t pay anything until you’re completely confident we're on target.

What if I’ve already sourced these profiles myself?

Great question. The obvious answer is that we can't read your mind – or your ATS! We can’t know who you’ve already sourced for a role unless you give us a list of names (this is an option).

We can guarantee that for a list of 50 profiles, we're bound to uncover a large number of people you haven't found. Or richer information on any profiles you have found (eg personal email address). If this is a real concern, let us know. We’re happy to work with you to find a way around it.

Who’s behind Candidate.Express?

Candidate.Express is powered by RecruitLoop, a global platform to automate and outsource the recruitment process, on-demand. We utilise technology, data, human expertise and extensive network provided by RecruitLoop, which has been successfully operating globally since 2011.

Recruitment is no longer purely a relationship business. It’s a data business. RecruitLoop believes in the power of Recruitment Intelligence. By combining technology, data, and its marketplace of sourcers and expert independent recruiters, RecruitLoop can help with any part of your hiring process – as much or as little as you need.